The Petro Gohar Aria Co recognizes his responsibility to protect and maintain the health and safety of his employees, his clients at project sites and the general public, as well as protecting the natural environment, in all our endeavors. The Contractor shall not commence the Work (excluding mobilisation and design) until the Company has issued the HSE Certificate.

Therefore, we hereby confirm that Petro Gohar Aria Co policy incorporates the following practices in the execution of all phases of our project activities, including the Design, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction, Commissioning and Start-up of all plant (EPCC) and industrial facilities.

  1. THE Petro Gohar Aria Co will meet the requirements of all applicable international standards, as well as local regulations, in the execution of the Project.
  2. THE Petro Gohar Aria Co will ensure that his contractors and suppliers comply with our responsibilities for the safety, health and environment of project personnel and the environment.

As stated, one of the primary objectives of the policy is the protection of the health, safety and environment of all The CONTRACTOR, Subcontractor and Petro Gohar Aria Co personnel involved in execution of the Project. To this end, The CONTRACTOR’s Safety and Loss Prevention Program will be adapted for the project.

A successful Safety and Loss Prevention program starts with the total commitment of The PGA project management. It is the responsibility of the management team at all levels to enforce the standards of the Safety and Loss Prevention program within their specific departments or project areas.

Therefore, good Safety and Loss Prevention practices will be supported, and encouraged, by management’s example and the Project Management team shall take an active role in the direction of the Safety and Loss Prevention Program.

This program is designed to impart the necessary knowledge, skills, overall attitude, and involvement that will enable all personnel to be proactive in health and safety matters. The program is specifically designed to assist those who deal with Safety and Loss Prevention as a direct functional responsibility at the work face within the context of their specific job.

The PGA project team clearly understands, adopts and supports this policy and will endeavor to continually improve upon the system in every aspect of project execution. All Subcontractor personnel involved in project activities must also understand and follow the provisions of this program.

Therefore, the direct involvement, participation and adherence of The Contractor’s subcontractor management, supervision and labor personnel in the program will be a prerequisite to their working on the site.

In addition, and in direct support of the site Safety and Loss Prevention Program, The PGA will provide the following site facilities and services for his employees and all personnel involved in the work site:

  1. Temporary roadways, footways, access ways for personnel and equipment that will provide for safe access to all work areas.
  2. A white board should be installed at the main gate updated monthly with following information
    1. Man – hours
    2. Number of lost Time Injury (LTI) cases
    3. Number of lost work days
    4. Severity Rate
    5. Frequency Rate
  3. Safety equipment to protect their person when on site.
  4. Tools & Equipment safe and suitable for the work.
  5. Training and information for safe working
  6. Fencing and lighting to protect, and provide safe access to, all work areas
  7. Security guards for the protection of personnel and property.
  8. Lodging, messing and hygiene facilities to standard.
  9. Safe transportation for work
  10. Rescue and firefighting equipment
  11. Safe working area and environment
  12. Communication


Medical facilities will be provided including;

Medical staff trained in “First Aid” procedures, treatment of heat related sickness and resuscitation


Medical service facilities such as a site clinic for first aid treatment, first aid medical supplies and “sick bay”. List of facilities included in ambulances shall be mentioned in relevant document.

Manned ambulance service available at all times for transfer of patients from the accommodation camp and or work site

Standing procedures, and approved arrangements, for the reception of patients at local medical facilities on an emergency basis.

Only with the active commitment of all site participants, we ensure that the PGA maintains the health and safety of the work environment.

The Management HSE Committee will be the vehicle for ensuring that all parties to the project are fully committed and involved in the achievement of project Safety and Loss Prevention objectives. The PGA’s Site Manager shall chair this forum and lead the site management team in setting an example for the whole work force.