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PETRO GOHAR ARIA CO. with experience of managers over 15 years and have experienced staff specializing in engineering, manufacturing and supply of equipment and maintenance services to the oil, gas, petrochemical, power plants, factories and HSE.

The company has representation from world reputable companies and factories of raw materials, machinery and equipment, including a variety of raw materials and chemical, bit and drilling equipment, rig with services, wellhead facilities and equipment and all types of casing and tubing, welded and seamless pipe for sour service, freshwater and marine, industrial and control valves and various types of instrumentation from America and Europe, fittings and flanges, all types of generators , compressor and pump and sheets of steel and plastic parts and all engineering services and its activities in accordance with international standards.


Specialized field Services Company:

  • Design and preparation of documents for industrial and civil engineering projects, especially oil, gas and petrochemical
  • Construction and installation of industrial equipment, including oil and gas process equipment packages and cement
  • Consultation, preparation of guidelines and standardization activities in engineering and business
  • Project management, construction and commissioning of production lines
  • Procurement of various industries, especially oil, gas and petrochemical industries including instrumentation systems, pipelines, drilling and wellhead equipment, rotating equipment, including pumps, Compressor, turbine, fixed equipment, including pressure vessels and machinery manufacturing industrial, steel, rubber and plastic machinery
  • Planning and project management, time management and project costs
  • Supervision and training in the installation of various industries
  • Provision of Maintenance Service for equipment in the Oil fields and petrochemical and refineries.
  • The provision of rail equipment and maintenance projects in railways and ports.
  • Engineering, Procurement, Installation of water and sewage systems
  • Research projects